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Building great software isn't just about technology.
But I can help with that, too.

It's no coincidence that all of the biggest movements in software development are about people first and technology second. Agile is about coordinating between developers and stakeholders. DevOps is about unifying software development and software operation by breaking down traditional dev shops' siloes. Even the basic conceit of microservices is to reduce problem domains to the point where they can map to an engineering team's org chart.

So it's also no surprise that some of the best ways I've helped engineering teams have been just as social as they have been technical. Read on to learn a little bit more about how your company can leverage my skills and experience to improve your bottom line, then get in touch with me today.

prior successes...


Teams I've led and worked with have operated at almost every scale, from solo operations to dozens of teams operating in concert. I can bring the lessons I've learned and the expertise I've picked up along the way and leverage it for your team, today.

Be it new-product roadmapping, designing for massive scale in the cloud or on-premises, or refactoring your application for the your ten years of growth, I can help your team reach that next level.


I don't just talk about code—I write it. I'm comfortable in a wide array of roles and can bring hands-on experience and skills to fill the gaps your team needs, whether it's for a week or a quarter or more.

Mobile development? React? Backend heavy lifting? Databases, infrastructure orchestration, process automation? I can help. Let's talk.


I've taught wide-ranging topics of both architectural and hands-on value in one-on-one situations and to groups as large as thirty people.

Whether it's as high-level as the principles of containerization in the cloud or how to leverage Git effectively in a collaborative environment, I can develop and teach an individualized and memorable curriculum that uses Socratic methods of dialogue to lead your team to the knowledge and skills they need.

Sound good? Get in touch today.