The best TypeScript and JavaScript background job processing on the planet.

You've got bigger things to worry about than "how is this supposed to run?".

It doesn't make a lot of sense to stick offline jobs like the sending of email or report generation into the same process that has to spend CPU time and network I/O handling web requests. And that's not all you've got to deal with. Are you ready to scale when you need it? How do you handle errors? Can you effectively handle multi-step workflows and back out of them when there's a problem?

How do you make sure you know that your jobs...well...work?

That's where TaskBotJS comes in. By using TaskBotJS you can easily spin off long-running background jobs onto other servers or spread across your container fleet and rely on well-tested logic to recover from errors where possible and surface them easily to you when they're not. TaskBotJS is highly configurable but comes with sane defaults that let you get back to work on what actually matters: the core features and logic of your application.

And since TaskBotJS is free and open-source, there are a million different things you can do with it to make it perfect for your use case. Or you can jump on-board with TaskBotJS Pro to power up your project with battle-tested features for developer productivity and scalability.

TaskBotJS's GitHub wiki is full of details about the features it contains. Click the links in the left column for details where applicable.
OSS Pro Enterprise
Audience Side Projects Small Businesses Medium and Large Businesses
JS/TypeScript Support
Immediate jobs
Scheduled jobs
Queue prioritization
Configurable job retry
Custom plugins
JSON logs
Web UI
Safer queueing
Per-worker metrics
Expiring jobs
Graceful termination
Recurring/cron jobs
Unique jobs
Argument encryption
License LGPL 3.0 Commercial Commercial
Support Email, private issue tracker Email, private issue tracker
Support turnaround Within 72 hours Within 24 hours
Pricing Free $895/year
(14 day money-back guarantee)
Payment Credit card Online checkout, invoice
Availability Right now! Right now! Late 2018
Getting started Read more on GitHub Buy Pro now » TBD

TaskBotJS Pro and Enterprise are backed by a two-week money back guarantee.